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Bee Nut Buddies Basic Coconut Recipe

Bee Nut Buddies basic recipe:

10 oz. Organic coconut oil

3 Tablespoon Manuka  or Local Honey

1 Package of your favorite Bee Nut Buddies

Melt coconut oil and Manuka honey in microwave. Add Bee Nut Buddies package, shake ever 45 seconds until coconut hardens store in refrigerator.

Makes 264  1/4 teaspoons.    Feed your dog  1/4 per 10#


Make it in a fun Mold

20160910_08071510 oz. Organic Coconut (divided)

3 Tablespoon Manuka or Local  Honey

1 Package of your favorite Bee Nut Buddies

Melt 4 oz. coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of Manuka Honey in Microwave, add your 1 package of your favorite Bee Nut Buddies and fill molds 1/2 way

Do not melt all ten oz. and then adding BNB  as the supper foods will  settle to the bottom making your supplement uneven.

Melt remaining coconut oil and finish filling each mold.



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